Our Services

At the Anxiety Relief Clinic we provide you with excellent clinical care by combining lessons learned from years of practice with the latest findings from the world of mental health research.
We pride ourselves on our ability to make accurate diagnoses, explaining why we humans experience anxiety in such troubling ways, and offering treatment options personalized to your needs. This may include safe and effective prescription medications, manageable lifestyle changes, and/or referrals for specialized psychotherapy.
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Affordable Cash Pay Rates

What to Expect in the Sessions


Initial Assessment (~45min) : Prior to our first meeting, you’ll complete questionnaires to help us understand your needs. The intake session is dedicated to getting to know you, understanding your situation, and ensuring I have all the details for personalized treatment recommendations. A medication can be prescribed if that’s right for you.

Follow-Up Sessions (~20min): In our follow-up sessions we evaluate your progress, explore what is or isn’t working for you, and consider adjustments to your personalized treatment plan. Sessions are scheduled every 1-3 months, and you get to pick a time that works best for you. These sessions are also a dedicated space for ongoing psychotherapeutic support.

Quick Issue Visits (~10min): Things come up between planned visits! We have time each clinic day set aside for quick check-ins. Maybe you have a question about a medication, need an early refill, or have a brief form that needs to be completed and signed. There’s no need to wait weeks for something we can take care of today.


The Potential Role of Medications : As we wrap up each session, we engage in a thoughtful discussion about potential next steps. This could involve medication options, however we don’t push medications. There are risks and benefits to all treatment options. It’s all about exploring choices that align with your health goals and ensuring you feel supported in every decision you make for your mental health.


Psychotherapy Treatment Integration: For added support, we often recommend non-physician psychotherapists for sessions in between our visits. Therapy contributes to the effectiveness of treatment for most people when you find the right match. We refer patients to trusted therapist partners in the community who specialize in the treatment of anxiety related concerns. At Anxiety Relief Clinic, it’s all about creating a support system for your well-being.

Convenient Scheduling

Scheduling is made quick and easy. You will have a link to the clinic calendar and can book into any open slots at your convenience.

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