You can use your insurance!

Most patients are able to use insurance to cover much of the costs of the visits.

Aetna, Anthem BlueCross, Optum, or United Healthcare
If you have one of these health plans, the Anxiety Relief Clinic is considered in-network. While exact out-of-pocket costs vary, this typically means you are responsible only for a co-pay of $20-$40 after meeting your deductible.

Our partners at Alma or Headway will check your benefits and let you know your portion of the costs before you schedule your first visit. Simply submit our clinic eligibility form and we'll get back to you within a day or two.

Other PPO Insurance Plans
For other PPO plans the clinic is out-of-network, but you can likely get 40%-80% of the visit costs reimbursed if you've met your deductible.

Through our partners at Reimbursify, we will check and let you know your out-of-pocket cost estimates before you schedule your first visit. We file the reimbursement claims for you so that you don't have to deal with this tedious task yourself. We subscribe to this service to ensure that you get the fullest reimbursement possible and so that the Reimbursify team is available to directly assist you with any related questions or concerns at no additional cost to you. Submit the clinic eligibility form to get started.

Other Plans/Private Pay
If you have an HMO or EPO plan, or simply do not want to use your insurance, our cash pay rates will apply. These can be found in our consent forms and are currently $500 for an intake appointment and $300 for a standard follow-up appointment.

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