At our first visit we’ll spend about 45 minutes with me getting to meet you, hearing what’s been going on, reviewing responses to the intake paperwork, and ensuring I have the information I need to provide quality/safe treatment recommendations. The session will include psychotherapeutic support. Towards the end I typically reflect back what I’ve heard and discuss options for next steps for you to choose from, which may include medications if that’s of interest to you.

Most questions can be answered live during the initial visit, and there’s no commitment required. At this time we do not provide telephone consultations prior to visits.

To get started, simply submit a clinic eligibility form. If it is determined you are eligible for the clinic, you’ll be sent directions of registering with our partners at Alma, Headway, or Reimbursify to ensure your insurance pays for as much of the visits as possible. You will then be sent a scheduling link where you can pick a time most convenient for you. The appointment is confirmed once you complete an attached detailed mental health questionnaire to help me better understand your needs and ensure I’m the best fit to help. This form includes necessary consent forms. On the day of your visit you just click the link for the video visit in your calendar and we’re ready to begin our work together.

  • While not everyone is a good fit to continue in the clinic after the initial consultation, most patients do. You will receive a scheduling link and we will meet every 1-3 months depending on how you’re doing and whether we’re making changes to your treatment plan.
  • At follow-up visits we’ll spend about 20 minutes discussing how things are going, what is or isn’t working, and reviewing options for adjustments to the plan. I will continue to provide psychotherapeutic support throughout these sessions.
  • If something comes up before our next scheduled visit, the scheduling link will allow you to either reschedule your appointment for an earlier time, or add a “quick issue” visit if you just have a clinical question or form to sign.

Yes. While not the best fit for everyone, medications can often play a helpful role in healing. If it’s of interest to you, we will discuss safe and effective medication options based on your symptoms, interests, and sensitivities.

No. While I apply my years of training in psychotherapy to our work together and our visits will include psychotherapeutic support, our meetings are typically spaced out by several weeks, and follow-up visits are shorter than typical weekly therapy sessions. Instead I maintain a network of trusted and specialized therapists in the community to refer you.

Adults ages 18+ only. My training and experience has focused on working with adults. As such I only see individuals 18 years and older.

The clinic is in-network with Aetna, Anthem BlueCross, Optum, and United Healthcare. You can be seen out-of-network on most other private insurance plans and receive partial reimbursement.

  • If the clinic is in-network with your insurance (Aetna, Anthem BlueCross, Optum, or United), you are typically only responsible for your usual visit copay (after meeting any deductible). As part of the clinic eligibility process our partners at Alma or Headway will check your insurance benefits and let you know your specific costs.
  • If the clinic is out-of-network with your insurance (all other private insurance plans), we have partnered with Reimbursify to help you clarify your out of pocket costs prior to booking your appointment. Reimbursify will help you get reimbursed if your insurance provides out-of-network coverage, and can help address any issues with claims. Simply submit the clinic eligibility and you will hear back in 1-2 business days with your estimated share costs.

The clinic is unable to provide urgent or emergency services. Please call 988, 911, or go to your nearest emergency room if safety is a concern. “Quick Issue” visits are available to address other issues that come up between sessions and we try to make these available in a time sensitive fashion. These can be found through the booking link received after each visit.

Unfortunately insurance will not cover time spent on the phone together or emailing one another. As such, I strive to make it as easy as possible to schedule visits, including for quick time sensitive questions/concerns. If, despite this, you would like me to spend some time on the phone or via email outside of a visit, this can be done for an out-of-pocket cost, but your insurance is very unlikely to reimburse you. As such, face to face visits are typically recommended.

When you schedule an appointment, I reserve that time in my calendar for you. Last minute or frequent cancellations place a significant burden on clinics ability to operate. As such, you will need to cancel visits at least two full business days in advance to avoid a fee, and it is strongly preferred that you notify us as far out as possible. Exceptions to the fee are sometimes made when another time is found for the same week or in the case of emergencies. The fee for a missed visit is the full session fee and insurance does not typically reimburse for this expense.